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Y Combinator Cuts Ties With Peter Thiel After Ending Part-Time Partner Program ( 67

An anonymous reader shares a report: Billionaire venture capitalist and Facebook board member Peter Thiel is no longer affiliated with startup accelerator Y Combinator, according to an edited company blog post. Thiel was formerly a part-time partner with the accelerator. BuzzFeed News confirmed his departure with a source familiar with Y Combinator's management structure. Thiel's departure from Y Combinator was not previously announced. It comes long after Y Combinator president Sam Altman defended Thiel's role at the accelerator, following criticism of Thiel's support of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. A source close to Y Combinator said that the company ended its part-time partners program, which Thiel was a part of, some time last year. While some other part-time partners moved over to a program called "experts," which provides advice to Y Combinator entrepreneurs, Thiel did not join.
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Y Combinator Cuts Ties With Peter Thiel After Ending Part-Time Partner Program

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  • by thomst ( 1640045 ) on Friday November 17, 2017 @04:45PM (#55572321) Homepage

    ... posted by ACs.

    They all blame Thiel's departure on politics, too, even though TFS makes it clear that he chose not to continue participating when YC ended its "part-time partners" program - Thiel's participation in which was his only affiliation with the company - back in 2016.

    Not everything that happens in Silly Valley has to do with politics. In fact, very little does - and any given VCs' participation a particular incubator venture can end for a host of reasons.

    The fact that neither YC nor Thiel will comment on the split tends to augur in favor of a purely business-based motive for his departure, from what I can see ...

    • by halivar ( 535827 )

      It doesn't help that the title is worded in such a way as to suggest that it was Y-Combinator did the severing, and that it was political. Very click-baity.

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