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No Joke. April Fools' Day Has Been Banned In China ( 83

Reader schwit1 quotes an article by Simon Denyer, who heads The Washington Post's China bureau: The ancient tradition of hoaxing and playing practical jokes on the first day of April has fallen victim to China's crackdown. Like democracy and free speech, it is a Western concept that simply isn't welcome here."'April Fools' Day' is not consistent with our cultural tradition, or socialist core values," state news agency Xinhua announced on social media Friday. "Hope nobody believes in rumors, makes rumors or spreads rumors." As part of a long-running effort to win control of the narrative on social media and deter dissent, China's Communist Party launched a campaign three years ago to criminalize the spreading of rumors. Xinhua's post suggests an April Fools' Day prank that mocked or undermined the Party could have potentially serious consequences.
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No Joke. April Fools' Day Has Been Banned In China

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    /. treating it like "June Fourth Incident", must not acknowledge it happened

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 01, 2016 @10:06AM (#51822927)

    They get how fucking stupid April 1 jokes are.

    • Apropos: []

    • by Kohath ( 38547 ) on Friday April 01, 2016 @10:50AM (#51823249)

      April Fools jokers are assholes. We need a day dedicated to telling people to stop being an asshole.

      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Anonymous Coward

        April Fools reminds people to skeptically evaluate what "official sources" tell them. It encourages people to question things. To not take them at face value. To wonder what the truth really is. Of course the government of China doesn't like that. It's the opposite of what they want. They want the public to blindly accept what the government or any other official source tells them, not to question it. Not on April 1, and not on any other day.

        April Fools jokers are not assholes. They're fighting for

        • by Kohath ( 38547 )

          Many of us are already at maximum skeptical. What we need now is a reason to trust anyone about anything.

    • In Soviet Russia, it may be true (or not...)
  • How do we know this isn't The Washington Post's 1st April article? Every newspaper I know of runs at least one.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      It sounds like China's sense of humor to me. Like, it is an April Fool's Joke, but the punchline is you get disappeared into an organ-harvesting van.

    • Every newspaper I know of runs at least one

      Sadly the Brazilian newspapers are too dumb to make 1st April jokes. Or thinking on the other hand, they spend so much time trying to lie to us Brazilians all year long that we should not be able to see the difference when is April 1.
  • Thank goodness there are no stupid painfully obvious April Fool's stories on Slashdot today (yet). Some web sites make good April Fool's stories. Slashdot's always made me cringe.
    • I am actually rather enjoying the scores and UIDs in binary though. I think we should make it permanent.

      • Or at least a user-settable option. "I was rated 101 Insightful!"

      • by T0min ( 3792055 )
        I'd prefer hexadecimal. These binary numbers are way too long for user IDs and comment numers.
        • Pfft, this coming from a 22 digit UID? I am such a young'un with a mere 20 digits! If I had bothered registering earlier I might even have a coveted sub 10 digit UID...

    • by dywolf ( 2673597 )

      there were plenty at work today, from people who shouldn't be making jokes.

      Boss at weekly meeting: "and we're going home 5 hours early today....april fools!" .... NO. JUST NO. SHUT UP AND GET THIS STUPID MEETING OVER WITH.

      That's what they need to ban: bad workplace April Fools "jokes".

  • by Karmashock ( 2415832 ) on Friday April 01, 2016 @10:14AM (#51822993)

    ... April fools.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    No Joke. April Fools' Day Has Been Banned In China

    Finally the Chinese government does something I can get behind. Kudos China, for getting rid of the single stupidest, most annoying, and non-productive non-holiday of the year. May others follow.

    • by tsqr ( 808554 )

      No Joke. April Fools' Day Has Been Banned In China

      Finally the Chinese government does something I can get behind. Kudos China, for getting rid of the single stupidest, most annoying, and non-productive non-holiday of the year. May others follow.

      Yes, because we all want a government telling us when and where any attempt at humor is permitted.

  • by NotDrWho ( 3543773 ) on Friday April 01, 2016 @10:17AM (#51823017)

    His opposition to April Fool's Day is admirable. He has our gratitude.

    Let's all give Dr. Klahn a big hand!

  • From the article it appears they just want to suppress any form of social activism. April Fools' day is the last thing on their mind. Now if they have such a tradition then it could become an accidental collateral victim if it's done through a website, but who says such a tradition exists?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I'm tired of a whole day wasted trying to figure out the better jokes as to avoid unnecessary work after the stupid 1st of April jokes. It's old, and it's not fun, it's childish this is what children do and it's fun. How the fuck did media and adults start doing these childish things? Her on after I will call all people I know who do 1st of april jokes for old-children as calling them retards would be degrading to retards.

  • All of the fun of April fools' jokes is in getting one over on someone that you personally know. Duping people on the internet is like shooting fish in a barrel, and has no enjoyment factor, either for the joker or the person being deceived.
  • by wonkey_monkey ( 2592601 ) on Friday April 01, 2016 @10:41AM (#51823191) Homepage

    Xinhua announced on social media Friday

    So they ban April Fools' Day but still celebrate Social Media Friday? What a country.

  • by The-Ixian ( 168184 ) on Friday April 01, 2016 @11:02AM (#51823349)

    China has the right idea.

    "April Fool's Day" is an obnoxious tradition that I would not miss at all.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      It's one day a year to remind people to skeptically evaluate what they hear, especially in the news or on-line or wherever else people normally get their information. It makes an important point: it's much too easy to fool people with a plausible-sounding story when they aren't skeptical enough.

      I can see why a controlling government like China's wouldn't like the idea of setting aside one day a year when people are expected and encouraged to question what is said. I do not understand why anybody would thi

    • by tsqr ( 808554 )

      China has the right idea.

      "April Fool's Day" is an obnoxious tradition that I would not miss at all.

      Tell me, do you want the government to outlaw practical jokes in general, or only the practice of performing them a particular day? Maybe you'd like the government to outlaw other things you find annoying as well, such as spelling and grammar errors? You should also let your Congressman know which end of an egg you think should be legal to open.

  • Congrats Xinhua! Almost had us all believing that one! :-)

  • Is there even a Chinese word for the concept of 'fun'? Or has the Communist government there outlawed the word, too? I can just imagine hearing whatever Chinese State official it was reading this edict; it would probably sound like Charlie Browns' teacher, except in Mandarin.
  • I think the title was Slashdot Banned on Aprils Fools Day in China.
  • So what they're saying is that satire is dangerous in China -- it might disrupt government-imposed harmony.
  • The whole April Fools Day thing is a government conspiracy!

    They used propaganda, to convince people, to persecute the people who celebrated new years day on the old calender, where it was on April First.
    Discrimination against minoritys pushed by the government it's self! They could have caused a genocide!

    Of course, it was the government of King Gregor. About the 11th century CE. (I think...) 8-)

    But still...
    You are all pauns of the King. Look up, thou sheep!

    (look it up)

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