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US Gov't Confirms Clinton Emails Contained Top-Secret Information ( 572

An anonymous reader writes: Just days before candidates begin primary season with caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Obama administration confirmed for the first time that Hillary Clinton's emails did contain sensitive information. The Associated Press reports that seven of these email chains, are being withheld from the press because they contain information deemed to be "top secret" and that 37 pages included messages described by intelligence officials as "special access programs" — meaning, highly restricted and closely guarded government secrets.
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US Gov't Confirms Clinton Emails Contained Top-Secret Information

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 30, 2016 @03:06AM (#51401359)

    She already confirmed they didn't.

  • The people voting for her don't care.

    The problem with democracy is that you can't keep people from voting badly.

  • by Tablizer ( 95088 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @04:17AM (#51401543) Journal

    Until the details come out of who sent them, when they were classified, and who should have known it was problem material, there is not much use in speculating at this point.

    Also note that the "regular" office server she allegedly should have been using was NOT designed for classified info either. The same issue would still exist: classified stuff winding up on the wrong equipment. Whether anybody would then still know or care in that case is another matter.

  • by c8663 ( 1548545 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @04:26AM (#51401559)

    I wish news organizations would press her harder with followup questions. I was listening to a NPR (my main source of news) doing a question and answer with Hillary.

    NPR: Did you send or receive classified e-mails?

    Hillary: I did not receive or send e-mails marked classified.

    NPR should have followed up with: Did you discuss with anyone over your private unsecured e-mails system anything that should have been classified? (To have done that would would have been illegal)

    During this Q&A with Hillary, she laughed and said that one of the e-mails that is now being classified was of someone sending her a New York Times article. How could it be classified if it was in the newspaper?

    (I spent a year in Iraq supporting the US Army. At one point, a co-worker gave a google earth picture to me (by hand) of area around us. He pointed out that the picture originally was not classified because it came from google earth. But then he pointed out that he had made some markings on the picture and now it was classified.)

    NPR should have followed up with Hillary: In this e-mail did the person have classified knowledge about the subject of the newspaper article, and did he make comments about the article. (As in my example above, if someone with classified knowledge made any comments about the article and sent it over a non secure e-mail system, it would be illegal)

    (disclaimer: I am a Bernie Sanders supporter)

  • here's what i'm gathering from all this: the government has not secured its email system. if you are sending sensitive information outside of intranets you control, you have lost control of the information. so the question is, why will their email system send any information anywhere if it handles highly sensitive information? why aren't they using an encrypted email system? why does their security rely on the users? why is their system so damn insecure?!

    • by Alypius ( 3606369 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @05:35AM (#51401727)
      There's at least three different networks: "NIPR" for unclassified, general internet usage; "SIPR" for stuff classified up to Secret, and "JWICS" for some (but not all) TS/SCI. It is very difficult to electronically (e.g. send email) from one network to another and usually requires a second reader (who is outside the organization) to scour and approve/deny the shift. However, there is very little that can be done to prevent someone from manually typing information [] to circumvent the system.
  • We are all cows who have no future []. Moo.

  • by Karmashock ( 2415832 ) on Saturday January 30, 2016 @11:39AM (#51403011)

    Chelsea Clinton apparently is already laying the ground work for her own political career... with an eye to being president one day. Its all quite delightful.

    The Bush Dynasty is also burning. Watching Jeb fail to get anywhere is delicious.

    We've had enough of Clintons' and Bushs'. Let someone else run. If the democrats really can do no better than Bill Clinton's wife then apparently they have not taken the office seriously. More is the pity.

    And really, Hillary could have perhaps had it if she had so much as taken her gimme job of Sec State seriously. But she did not. She went home early while her diplomats died. She was told to not permit old Sidney access to the State Department and she did it anyway. And the email server... and the lies... so many lies.

    We'll see where this goes... The FBI is furious at the lack of prosecution... obstruction from the "Justice" Department is going to have long term consequences if it is understood that the law bends in the favor of any party in power.

    Really... we're getting nearer and nearer the moment where we just rip each other's eyes out of our heads from spite. And all because some people have a hard time with democracy.

    Oh well... We shall see where this goes. Regardless... I shall enjoy the fires.

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