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Green Party Releases International Joint Statement Criticizing the TPP 76

Dangerous_Minds writes "The New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian Green Parties have released a joint statement on the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). Among the concerns are the secretive nature of the talks and 'could hinder access to safe, affordable medicines, weaken local content rules for media, stifle high-tech innovation, and even restrict the ability of future governments to legislate for the good of public health and the environment.' ZeroPaid also notes that the statement is starting to appear in New Zealand and Australian media."
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Green Party Releases International Joint Statement Criticizing the TPP

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  • by NewtonsLaw ( 409638 ) on Tuesday August 21, 2012 @12:27AM (#41064347)

    How long before "the great unwashed" finally wake up to the fact that their governments are selling out their rights to the big corporations of the world?

    Who keeps an eye on the post-political careers of these "negotiators" and reports on how many of them get "honorary directorships" of the companies they are selling the public's rights in favor of?

    Surely, sooner or later, even the half of the population who are below the median IQ will have to wake up to the fact that governments and corporations are working in concert to strip them of their rights and their money.

    Or have we devolved to the point where we no longer care -- so long as their is food on the table and a roof (however shabby) over our heads?

    • by robot5x ( 1035276 ) <robot5xNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Tuesday August 21, 2012 @01:21AM (#41064581)
      not even that - so long as people have their widescreen tv and brawndo they basically don't care. the frustrating part is this perpetuates the very problem: the evil corporations lurking behind abominable acts such as the TPP are wholly vulnerable to something as simple as people not buying their products... The real modern problem is people having disposable income and choosing to spend it on shit which makes evil corporations rich and powerful and keen to strip our rights away to make more money. If people could simply refrain from not going to the cinema, not buying a dvd, not buying a new TV, not paying for a sports game - even just for a SHORT while - the balance of power will change. The power still remains with individual people, if we can just better understand the consequences of our behaviour.
    • Or have we devolved to the point where we no longer care -- so long as their is food on the table and a roof (however shabby) over our heads?

      Yes. This, for the most part. The other common folk have just done away with following any law that seems unjust, as their governments do. You're seeing the intersection of the Meta laws that are made to Meta rule the Meta citizens who are all above the lower laws. Welcome to the Next Level.

      • It's an old problem. The old 'bread and circuses' term originated with some people back in the roman republic complaining that people didn't care to get involved in civics or do anything to aid their fellows so long as they had food on the table and some entertainment to watch.
    • by durin ( 72931 )

      "Surely, sooner or later, even the half of the population"

      This hasn't happened yet, though the governent/corporate abuse has been going on for quite a while, so don't hold your breath.

    • by jonwil ( 467024 )

      The sheeple will never wake up to it because they believe what the "talking head" on the TV news above anyone else and those same "talking heads" report what the big corporations (who own those same news networks) want them to say (i.e. anything that makes them look good)

      Big Corporations and Big Government have a propaganda machine that makes even the Nazi's look weak by comparison.

  • How about NO! (Score:4, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 21, 2012 @12:30AM (#41064367)

    "The Intellectual Property Rights chapter of the TPPA was leaked in draft form in February 2011. We anticipate that unless a more moderate and balanced version is adopted, NZ, Canada and Australia's shoppers, schools and libraries would end up paying more for their books and DVD's because it would let copyright holders veto parallel importing. Small and medium-sized software and IT businesses would have their innovative visions stifled by constraining patent laws. Finally, large pharmaceutical companies could use the legislation to deny state drug-buying agencies like those in Australia and NZ access to reliable, low cost medicines."

  • It will help the rich get richer. Isn't that what governments are for?

    • Fuck this planet. "Mostly Harmless" my ass! Beautiful world, but too much politics for ANYONE. ::sigh:: The humans are so primitive, they're still politicking over things like freedom of speech and expression -- Duplicating ideas! Can you believe it!? Copying IS LIFE! Hahaha... Oh well. You can't really blame the stupid sods, I guess; Everyone does this: OOh! Fire! Let's burn EVERYTHING. Oooh! Tools! Let's Tool EVERYTHING! Oooh! Machines! Let's industrialise EVERYTHING! Ooooh Politics! Let'

  • by Anonymous Coward

    We (the Internet community) have been rallying against


    And the "IPR Chapters" in


    So it's nice to see some political parties to get involved, rather than the more easy "let's just not talk about it" approach.

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