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After Rick Perry's Stem Cell Treatment, Misplaced Enthusiasm? 340

oxide7 writes "Presidential candidate Rick Perry underwent a controversial stem-cell treatment this past month, prompting some doctors to fear the high-profile event would send the wrong signal to desperate patients. 'As a highly influential person of power, Perry's actions have the unfortunate potential to push desperate patients into the clinics of quacks,' Dr. George Q. Daley said."
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After Rick Perry's Stem Cell Treatment, Misplaced Enthusiasm?

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  • !surprise (Score:4, Insightful)

    by MrEricSir ( 398214 ) on Monday August 22, 2011 @04:52PM (#37171460) Homepage

    A candidate who has prayer rallies as part of his campaign is into quackery? Gee, who possibly could have seen this coming.

    • Stem cell research that apparently has helped is not quackery.
      • A broken clock is right two times a day.

        Sometimes quacks do get it right, but hoping that they'll accidentally get it right is not a good idea. In this case it's a matter of how much evidence do you need to take the risk and at what point is anything better than doing nothing.

        • It was experimental. It appears that Perry was not promised any benefit, like a quack would do. How is an experimental operation a quack?

    • Yes, Rick Perry is religiously extreme. If he went to Revered White's church, then he could at least claim to be a moderate.

      • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

        Yeah I mean. How many times can you listen to the ol'Rev scream about death to america, death to whites, and be a racist piece of shit?

    • Claiming your prayer rally can cure cancer (Or effect any other outcome, really) is. Also bad: putting your faith in some guy who claims his prayer rally can cure your cancer.

      Likewise, trusting someone who claims that injecting stem cells into you can help anything in any way is quite dangerous. At the current time, we know very little about how the damn things actually work. Thanks, largely, to people like Rick Perry. But what did those guys expect, that science would magically continue to progress after

  • by JoshuaZ ( 1134087 ) on Monday August 22, 2011 @04:52PM (#37171470) Homepage
    Well, he isn't being too much of a hypocrite. Rick Perry earlier said he was against embryonic stem cell research [] So instead he's using his own stem cells in a poorly studied and as yet not very well understood process. He could have been a real hypocrite and done something with embryonic stem cells. But nope, he's pushed for the screwing over of science and medicine and he's going to stick with it. Of course, there's the secondary problem that even reliable, well-studied adult stem cell research is based to a large extent on information we got from studying embryonic stem cells. So even if this does work he will be benefiting from the research he despises. So I guess there is a small bit of hypocrisy but it isn't nearly as bad as it could have been.
    • Neither the article nor the summary accused him of being a hypocrite.

      The complaint is that there's a lot of quackery surrounding stem cell treatments, and Perry's procedure could be seen as an endorsement of those quack treatments.

      Now I don't know enough about Perry's specific treatment to know if his treatment is legit, or how much it might fuel the quacks, but there's no hypocrisy with the embryonic stem cell debate.

  • by ArcherB ( 796902 ) on Monday August 22, 2011 @04:53PM (#37171482) Journal

    Yes, Rick Perry is against embryonic stem cell research. Yes, this treatment did NOT use embryonic stem cells.

    Please do not say that Republicans or conservatives are against stem cell research. Conservatives are against the destruction of an embryo for the purposes of scientific research. Embryonic stem cell research is still government funded provided that it uses old stem cell lines or adult derived stem cells.

    With that said, let's leave the straw-men in the field.

    • by Creedo ( 548980 )
      Adult stem cell research benefited from previously performed embryonic stem cell research. It did not arise on its own. Frankly, I'd ok the destruction of any number of embryos if it meant large medical gains for existing human beings.
      • by Chemisor ( 97276 )

        Most embryonic stem cell research is done on mouse embryos, not human ones. Human embryonic stem cells are finicky about their environment and are generally a royal PITA to work with. There is very little benefit to working with human cells when you're researching basic mechanisms of pluripotency, since they are the same in the mouse cells. Frankly, the main reasons for pushing the switch to human cells are political, and even if you don't need them or want them, the boss may push it on you anyway because t

  • preface: Rick Perry's public statements have lead me to believe he is a very ill-informed or decietful person with regards to his political views. That is not what this post is about.

    Before anyone jumps the gun and goes for the "hippocrite" line, the stem cells used were adult, not embryonic as his party as absurdly become opposed to for poorly informed reasons. Just worth noting.

    • Re:Not embryonic (Score:4, Insightful)

      by jedidiah ( 1196 ) on Monday August 22, 2011 @04:59PM (#37171570) Homepage

      That's just focusing on the very tail end of the research process.

      You still need to ask whether or not any of this could have happened at all without research he doesn't approve of over religious grounds that aren't even that well founded in doctrine to begin with. (thus the problem of embedding religious doctrine in public policy)

      • There are two things I would like to point out. The first is that whenever I point out that all current approved treatments using stem cells use adult stem cells and none use embryonic stem cells someone points out that adult stem cells have been studied significantly longer than embryonic stem cells.
        The second point is that the treatment that he received is an experimental treatment, not quackery. It may become quackery in a few years if the doctors continue administering after the studies are run, if the
    • Ill-informed you say? Pot, meet kettle. *Deceitful *Hypocrite *embryonic, *has
  • "clinics of quacks" actually appeared in the summary, and yet NOTHING from "Dr" Bob yet?

  • For anyone thinking of voting for Mister Perry let me inform you as someone who has met the man and lived in the state he's governed for most my life he is not someone you want in your white house. He's managed to distance himself over the last few years from Bush Jr but that's only political maneuvering they are still part of the same good old boys club and move in the same circles. He's even using the same tactic as bush and trying to get in good with the religious circles to try and get votes. The one t
    • ... using the same tactic as bush

      Like Bush Jr, he is looking to bail after driving his charge into the ground. Now that the federal dollars that propped up the Texas budget have dried up, things are really coming apart. To "balance" the current budget the rainy day fund was used, public workers fired and education gutted. As a result, unemployment is now on the rise (now 8.4% vs national 9.1%).

      He's even using the same tactic as bush and trying to get in good with the religious circles to try and get votes.

      He is worse than Bush Jr on this, with his connections to dominionists. Shrub focused on appearing religious to get elected, Perry's efforts seems

  • If God is the creator of life, and the one who decides when your time is up, then isn't tricking your cells into becoming stem cells again defying God's will (or playing God)?

    No, I don't have an answer to that, it's just a question. Just wondering where people draw the line between medicine and "playing God", since "God's will/province" is a central concept in the fight against embryonic stem cell research and abortion.

    • If its your time to go, its your time to go, there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    • I think this is one of those logic questions that basically doesn't make sense. There are those who have come to this conclusion, so don't practice any medicine whatsoever.

      Here's one way to answer it. You're drowning in the ocean. A boat comes by and tries to pick you up; you refuse, saying you're trusting God and that when He wants you to die, you'll die. A second boat; same thing. A third; same thing. You drown. You ask God, "Why didn't you save me?" He asks you, "Why did you pass up the three boa

    • by Hatta ( 162192 )

      Religious types have a bunch of stock phrases they turn to whenever the inevitable contradiction pops up. In this case they'd use "God helps those who help themselves" or something similar.

  • Stem cells are people.
    Corporations are people.
    Therefore, by transitivity, stem cells are corporations.
  • The pot just called the kettle black!
  • Rick Perry considered a bad role model for poor people.

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