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Ecuador is Fighting Crime Using Chinese Surveillance Technology ( 35

Ecuador has introduced a security system using monitoring technology from China, including facial recognition, as it tries to bring down its crime rate and improve emergency management, according to state-run Xinhua news agency. From a report: A network of cameras has been installed across the South American nation's 24 provinces -- keeping watch on its population of 16.4 million people -- using a system known as the ECU911 Integrated Security Service, Xinhua reported. Used by the country's police, armed forces and fire brigade, it went into operation in November 2016 and has an emergency response and monitoring system.
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Ecuador is Fighting Crime Using Chinese Surveillance Technology

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  • by frank_adrian314159 ( 469671 ) on Tuesday January 23, 2018 @05:52PM (#55988999) Homepage

    If it wasn't the Chinese selling the Ecuadorans the gear, it would be the Israelis or the Europeans or us. It's not like this stuff is exactly uncommon these days.

    They probably got it cheaper buying direct from the original manufacturer.

  • I would just point out that in SMACX, both Colonel Santiago and Chairman Yang generally have excellent police, resulting in very few problems with the drones.

    And (especially with Yang) if there ever were a problem, he could brutally nerve-staple the problem down quite easily.

    The upshot is that I think it would work. I would try it in the game.

    BUT I should mention that my most successful games had shitty police and also no drone problems. Diverting even 10% of your energy resources (maybe 20% in the late

  • I read the title and was worried there for a second. I mean, sure, I see on some webpages ads of stuff that I just browsed or bought on Amazon, so I am used to some creepiness, but a Slashdot post about me buying a Foscam camera for my country house?

  • Aside from the fact that most if not all the Hardware for surveillance systems is manuactured/assembled in china, the chinese, by virtue of their MASSIVE surveillance programs at home, probably have an edge in the software front too.

    Do not get me wrong, Israel, USoA, India and most of Europe have great programmers, is just that, since surveillance is much less pervasive in those countries, programmers there do not have the 'GINORMOUS' testbed that their chinese colleagues have.

    Many things that normaly a pro

    • Israel, USoA, India and most of Europe have great programmers, is just that, since surveillance is much less pervasive in those countries,

      The UK is one of the most-surveilled places on the planet, and it's still part of Europe in spite of not being part of the EU any more. Surveillance is massive in Israel []. You are off your nut.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    When I was in Ecuador, I saw a couple young girls one around 7yrs., the other around 8 or 9 yrs. carrying a *huge* wad of cash down the street unsupervised. The older girl could barely hold the stack of bills with both hands.

    Some areas, of the country, are like Disneyland (for crime), others are less great, but surveillance cameras won't do anything to fix those.

    Beautiful place with beautiful people.

  • So how's that shiny new citizenship looking, Mr. Assange?

  • It says "went into operation November 2016", so it's been in place for a year.

    Has it supposedly served any purpose, done any good, etc?

    I don't personally have any problem with cameras in public places where privacy isn't to be expected anyhow. I might have a problem if footage of you being near some crime was used alone to convict you of it, but that's another story.

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