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Silicon Valley Bosses Are Globalists, Not Libertarians (economist.com) 308

From a report via The Economist: In a recently published survey of 600 entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Valley, conducted by David Broockman and Neil Malhotra of Stanford University and Gregory Ferenstein, a journalist, three-quarters of respondents said they supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election. But although technology-firm leaders hold views that in general hew much closer to Democratic positions than Republican ones, they are far from reliable partisan ideologues. As you might expect from captains of industry, Silicon Valley executives are much more likely to support free trade and to oppose government regulation of businesses than your average Democrat is. For example, just 30% of tech bosses believe that ride-hailing companies need to be regulated like the taxi industry, compared with 60% of Democrats.

Given their combination of socially liberal attitudes and a preference for free markets, you might call Silicon Valley executives libertarians. However, libertarians generally advocate shrinking the state as a share of the economy, which technology bosses resolutely do not. When asked if they "would like to live in a society where government does nothing except provide national defense and police protection, so that people could be left alone to earn whatever they could," just 24% agreed. In contrast, 68% of Republican donors concurred with that statement. Moreover, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are just as likely to favor redistributive economic policies, such as universal health care and higher taxes on the rich, as an average Democrat is. The outlook of our new robot-building overlords is far more communitarian than, say, the doctrines of Ayn Rand.

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Silicon Valley Bosses Are Globalists, Not Libertarians

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  • by zifn4b ( 1040588 ) on Thursday September 14, 2017 @09:19AM (#55194509)
    Globalization is a means to lower business operating cost. It's that simple. Libertarianism is about maximizing personal freedom of everyone not just corporations. Do you see most companies doing this? Apple locking people into their platform and not interoperating with other platforms. Comcast locking you into archaic price models because it's what's best for them, not you. The US Chamber of Commerce rubbing elbows with politicians to slant things in their favor at your expense. They do not represent the true views of Libertarians which would be promoting this country to be as free as possible for all citizens. Companies don't want humans to be free. They want them locked in as loyal consumers and to pay the highest prices possible.
    • The reality is that "libertarians" originally, and in the European context, means something like "democratic socialist", or at any rate a left-leaning socialist philosophy. In the U.S. in the 1960's, this meaning was highjacked by thinkers like Milton Friedman who held a religious advocacy of the rights of capital over men. I mean, it takes a giant leap of logic to conclude that capital does NOT seek to do exactly what you say "isn't libertarian". Despite what so-called U.S. "libertarians" think, there is a
  • by Vermonter ( 2683811 ) on Thursday September 14, 2017 @09:31AM (#55194575)

    "you might call Silicon Valley executives libertarians"

    Wait you were serious?

    • Well, we all do need laughter in our life to help us keep our sanity. At the least we could thank them for that.

    • Is there another political outlook that is more self-serving for the super-wealthy?

      You've made a ton of money and (1) you don't want to pay higher taxes and (2) you want to easily be able to make more money with the money you have without having to work (investing) and (3) really like cheap foreign labor.

      The growing number of homeless people in SF? Opioid epidemic across rural America? People committing suicide rather than work another day at Foxconn? The market will take care of it (another way of saying "

  • by Lord Kano ( 13027 ) on Thursday September 14, 2017 @09:42AM (#55194635) Homepage Journal

    I never got any indication that they were anything other than collectivist, globalists.

    If they were libertarians, they would have been trying to break the stranglehold the political left has on California politics.


    • I never got any indication that they were anything other than collectivist, globalists.

      When you are standing on the left pole (most media), all directions are to the right.

      Libertarian is basically what the left used to be but is now not left enough for the post-modern lefties. Its not a coincidence that the Libertarian Party was formed in the early 1970's just as the Democrats and Republicans were shuffling up and turning the political landscape on its side.

      • by geekoid ( 135745 )

        " on the left pole (most media), "

        false. Most media is really close to the center, and the media talks about the left all the fucking time. Stop falling on the attack of the media by hard right outlets.

        "Libertarian is basically what the left used to be"

        No, not at all. Do you not know what 'the left' Means?

    • u obviously do not have a grasp of what the LP stands for. We are NOT rightwingers, by any strech. We oppose not only the far left, but also, ppl like you on the far right who love your fascists approaches to America.
    • by geekoid ( 135745 )

      "they would have been trying to break the stranglehold the political left has on California politics."

      That's not actually a thing.

  • Fake News? Like Republicans are any closer to being Libertarians than Democrats.

    • Republicans? Yeah, maybe. GOP? God no.
      HUGE difference between Republicans and the GOP. And nearly all of the former have left or been booted out of the GOP.
      • by geekoid ( 135745 )

        Republicans is a club, if you aren't in the club, you aren't republican. I think you may mean 'fiscal conservatives/social moderates'

        You can say you are an elk and not be a member of the elks clubs. well, you CAN, but it doesn't make it so.

        Sadly, because of blind vilification, many wont switch who they vote for.

        Alpha House had a great scene where a Reagan impersonator gets up and only quote Reagan, and the GOP member start booing him. That's how coocoo the GOP have become.

  • by SlashDread ( 38969 ) on Thursday September 14, 2017 @10:03AM (#55194763)

    These things are not mutually exclusive at all. "Left" does not mean you want a communist central leadership. "Right" does not mean you want a fascist central leadership.

    -I- want global coorperation for our global problems, and I want as much freedom as possible without destroying the world in exploding anarchy.

    Do I need to explain this further? Labels mean nothing, as everyone has a different meaning attached to it.

    • People are facing a political situation in which global trade has become their enemy. They're not economists. Businessmen aren't economists, either: global labor markets and global trade are good for business, regardless of whether they're good economics.

      Global trade, in an economic sense, is a multi-layered beast of unexpected outcomes and outcomes that unexpectedly don't matter. Economics is like that: common sense doesn't work here. Common sense says pulling the lever to the right moves things to

    • by geekoid ( 135745 )

      I hate it when the label says beans, but when I get home it has salmon in it.

  • FTA: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/f... [stanford.edu]

    We gathered a random sample of all individuals listed as founders or CEOs of companies in Crunchbase in 2013, 8,499 individuals in all. We then manually searched for emailaddresses for these individuals. In most cases we were able to gather personal email addresses

    Most of them probably said what they thought the researchers wanted to hear.

  • Rich people wanting government to stay the hell out of their business of using their power to get richer.

    That's new... how? That might only change when (not if, more "as soon as") they're the ones owning the politicians to add that aspect to their power base.

  • Wasn't this obvious??

  • "would like to live in a society where government does nothing except provide national defense and police protection, so that people could be left alone to earn whatever they could,"

    As opposed to, "would you like to see less government regulation" or "smaller government"

    They're Libertarians and FYI Hillary Clinton is a Republican so stop thinking that makes them aligned with Democratic ideals...
  • Sadly, so many, including the idiots at the economists, tend to see political POV as right vs left and then shift policies as they see fit.
    Worse yet, they think that Republicans want smaller gov and nothing but a strong defense. That is NOT a republican POV. That is a GOP POV that has more in common with NAZIs than with Abe Lincoln and what he wanted.
    The Republican party is the one that stood up for BIG GOVERNMENT. They also support gov helping develop businesses. Railroads? Lincoln. Highway system? IKE.
  • by backslashdot ( 95548 ) on Thursday September 14, 2017 @11:55AM (#55195759)

    You can be a libertarian and a globalist at the same time. In fact the two are compatible. The dangerous philosophies are the authoritarian systems such as nationalism and socialism. They block people from interacting with and trading with each other based on what an authority think is best.

  • Silicon Valley Bosses Are Capitalists, And Then Whatever...


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