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Hacker Disrupts New Zealand Election Campaign 75

An anonymous reader writes New Zealand is facing its weirdest election ever with a hacker calling himself "Rawshark" progressively dumping emails hacked from a controversial blogger. This weekend, revelations forced the resignation of one Government minister and nobody knows what will drop next. Emails revealed that the blogger, called "Whale Oil", was in contact with both a government minister in charge of New Zealand's white collar crime investigations unit and with a PR man acting for a founder of a failed finance company then under investigation.
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Hacker Disrupts New Zealand Election Campaign

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  • "Rawshark"... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by He Who Has No Name ( 768306 ) on Monday September 01, 2014 @05:51AM (#47799015)

    ...sounds like a reference to that exact accented pronunciation of Rorschach's name in Watchmen (the original graphic novel, when Veidt calls the police to tip them off).

    That can't be a coincidence.

  • Re: Way to go (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 01, 2014 @07:24AM (#47799273)

    It's great to love your country and do things that show that love.

    I find that "showing love to a country" is a stupid thing to do...
    A country is an inanimate concept, it's not even a thing. It can't (and most definitely doesn't) love you back.
    Do you also show your love to a potato? What makes a country different than a potato or, say, a chair?

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