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New PAC Tackles IP and Tech Innovation 14

oddlyenough writes "I've been helping to launch IPac, a new political action committee that works on IP policy and technical innovation. We're supporting six candidates in the current election, including a Senate candidate (Brad Carson) who says he's in the "Lessig School" when it comes to IP. You can check them out and donate here. We started this IPac because despite all of the wonderful, important work of groups like EFF, Public Knowledge, et. al, there wasn't a way to funnel the energy they create into the electoral process. You can read some coverage on us here."
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New PAC Tackles IP and Tech Innovation

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  • Excellent Idea (Score:2, Insightful)

    by ravenspear ( 756059 )
    It's common on Slashdot to continually lament politicians' lack of intelligence when it comes to technology. What's not so common is to suggest or put into action good ideas to change that situation.
  • If as you say there wasn't a way to funnel the energy the EFF creates into the electoral process, why not help them find a way? Did they reject your help?

    I trust the EFF. With a new organization, you have to earn credibility from scratch. I'm not passing judgement, just wondering about how you decided to form yet another organization.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      the EFF is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit charity... they cannot make endorsements or they loose their tax deduductible status.

      this senate candidate in oklahoma looks good. i may donate a little to him directly.

      i agree that it is tough to jump for a PAC -- despite their advantages -- if they have no track record.

      by the way --- the earlier the money the more good it can do -- it's october. jump on it folks!
      • by the way --- the earlier the money the more good it can do -- it's october. jump on it folks!

        This is such a good idea. I've been talking with my friends/coworkers about how nothing is going to change until we have an organization properly lobying for our rights. I the organization I ended up describing looked almost exactly like this one (right down to building off the experience of the EFF.) I'd like to see a group that pushes for more of the things I push for, but this is a great start and worth pa
    • Good question. Actually, EFF is a 501(c)(3) organization, so they're precluded by law from doing any campaign work. Public Knowledge, et. al, also fall into this category. IPac was formed specifically because there are no active organizations working to connect the work of those orgs and the people in these kinds of forums to political campaigns. Hope that helps!
  • but IP stands for Intellectual Property instead- totally ignoring the natural resource crisis in the lack of IP addresses! Won't somebody think about the poor little robots?
    The previous message is endorsed by Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Factory :-)
  • *Fantastic* (Score:3, Interesting)

    by 0x0d0a ( 568518 ) on Friday October 01, 2004 @02:42PM (#10407183) Journal
    This is wonderful. I've been hoping that someone would put up a website with "top-ranked" IP and tech legislators for a while. This makes it *much* easier for Slashdot to be politically influential.

    I'd like to see IPac also try to produce a scorecard for *any* represenatives that vote on IP and tech related issues. Some of the folks out there vote very contrary to my views, and if I can't vote in favor of a representative, at least I can vote against a negative one in favor of a neutral one.

    I think most Slashdotters know about Rick Boucher (Virginian representative, fantastic tech and IP voting record). I've heard of Doolittle before in a positive light, but the other names don't ring a bell. I'd be very interested in hearing opinions of other Slashdotters on them.
    • I am floored that there have been only 13 comments as of my posting, a week after this story was run on /. Every time there is a story about online rights being erroded, people take off their tin foil hats and rant about how we need politicians who listen to the people, and not the RIAA/MPAA/Satan/etc. Finally we have an organization that will advocate our side, and back candidates who agree with us. We talk how we can be a political force here on /., but I think this shows that people like to rant and not
  • The web site is very well done, clean and to the point. (In contrast to the EFF site). I'll sign up for the newsletter and see where they are headed.
  • Well, I felt compelled to give them $20 and skip going out to eat this weekend, and give them the endorsement of the Independent American Party of Clark County, Nevada. I'm glad they exist.
  • You realize, of course, that should this take off and do well, Compaq [] will be after you, due to the similarity of the name to iPAQ [].
  • there wasn't a way to funnel the energy they create into the electoral process

    Translation: Since the above mentioned groups (EFF and others) were not giving money to the congress people like lobbiests.

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