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White House Negotiates With Dancing With the Stars Before Libya Speech 3

Posted by samzenpus
from the too-big-to-bomb dept.
Before his speech Monday night, President Obama had to contend with a more daunting obstacle than enforcing the Libyan no-fly zone, and that was Dancing with the Stars. It turns out the White House had to negotiate a time with ABC that did not interfere with the broadcast of the second highest-rated show on television. From the article: "A White House spokesman, Joshua Earnest, sent a statement by e-mail: 'The White House routinely works with the networks, as a group, in circumstances like these to find a time that’s respectful of both the networks and their audience – while ensuring that the president has the platform he needs to deliver an important message to the American people.'”


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White House Negotiates With Dancing With the Stars Before Libya Speech

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