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Mars Space Politics

President Hosting Conference On Space Strategy 2

Posted by samzenpus
from the galactic-uniter dept.
FleaPlus writes "The White House has announced that on April 15 the President will be visiting Florida to host a conference on the Administration's 'new vision for America's future in space,' which is focused on developing new technologies and capabilities needed for sustainable exploration of 'the Moon, asteroids, and eventually Mars.' The White House's plans for reinvigorating NASA are facing vocal opposition from several congressmen in Florida, Texas, and Alabama, due to its outright cancellation of the Constellation/Ares program, which was found to be 'fundamentally un-executable' but is/was an important source of jobs in many areas."
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President Hosting Conference On Space Strategy

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  • They made a statement about new technologies, I hope the intent of the new space strategy is focused more on sending probes in the solar system rather than humans to Mars etc...
  • The President hopes to talk 30,000 highly skilled NASA employees out of their jobs and destroy America's manned spaceflight capability. In Florida, a crucial state for his reelection! When he won the state he didn't run on his NASA decapitation strategy. I expect he will be as successful as he was on health care, and that NASA will be directed by congress until 2012. It is interesting to note that Falcon 9's initial launch is scheduled before the conference. If it crashes (and I expect it will), the Preside

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