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Submission + - The Weaknesses of Paper Ballots Revealed By Close Virginia Race

davide marney writes: The election of Virginia House of Delegates 94th district has still not been resolved due to conflicting interpretations of paper ballots that were incompletely or ambiguously marked by voters. Here are some of the dozens of news reports that have been filed documenting the twists and turns of this district's election.

A close election like this highlights the weaknesses of a hand-marked, machine-read paper ballot. Even with the error checking done by scanners at the moment when the ballots are deposited, there was still a change of 11 votes over 23,216 cast because votes that were previously considered not countable by machine in the original vote were counted by hand in the recount.

Paper ballots may allow for a much more robust recount, but that recount will be less accurate than if a software user interface were keeping the voter on the rails.
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The Weaknesses of Paper Ballots Revealed By Close Virginia Race

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