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Submission + - Are 3-D Printed Guns Really Legal? (itworld.com) 1

jfruh writes: "Defense Distributed, a U.S. nonprofit that aims to make plans for guns available owners of 3-D printers, recently received a federal firearms license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobocco and Firearms. That license doesn't cover semi-automatic weapons and machine guns, though — and there are questions about whether the legislation that defines that license really apply to the act of giving someone 3-D printing patterns. Experts on all sides of the issue seemd to agree that no clarification of the law would happen until a high-profile crime involving a 3-D printed weapon was committed."
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Are 3-D Printed Guns Really Legal?

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  • There might be "questions", but they don't come from anybody who knows much about the law.

    DD obtained their license for the products they actually manufacture and test, not for the plans they develop. And if you did your homework you would know that the ATF told them they didn't even need that license. They said they got one anyway, just in case. But to be clear: the license is for the parts they built, not for the plans.

    Information (including CAD drawings... and 3-D printer files are nothing more tha

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