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Submission + - Brazilian hackers helping make e-ballots safer (

Caue writes: Starting today, 38 brazilian hackers will attempt to hack in electronic ballots that will be used on the incoming presidential elections in 2010. Organized by the brazilian elections responsibles, the tests are a way the govt. found to direct their efforts at making the ballots safer (there has been no comproved break-in since these ballots were introduced, back in 1998) The try-outs go until friday, when a prize will be awarded to the most sucessful groups. The goal is to manipulate the results, by changing the votes directly, erasing data, fabricating votes, etc. Simply obtaining access to the list of who-voted-for-who will be considered a win. They are divided in 5 isles, and the 3 best methods will be awarded R$5,000 , R$3,000 and R$2,000. (US$ 1.00 ~ R$ 1.75). Tempering the flash drives, using magnetic waves, malicious software, everything goes. One of the main complaints of the hackers was about the rule that made mandatory working with proprietary software (much unlikely for any cracker); the rule was abolished so the test could bring a less biased result. The Information System Security Association (ISSA) and other members of OEA are watching over so this really nice project doesn't turn into a fake propaganda stunt. Some of the hackers are students and IT workers; some work for the brazilian Feds. Their expertise range from networks and computing, eletric and eletronic engineers, police investigators and security advisors. Let the games begin. (original in portuguese)
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Brazilian hackers helping make e-ballots safer

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