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Belgian Senator Calls For: "No Sex Till Government Is Formed" 8

dbune writes "Belgium has been in political doldrums for a number a months. And now a politician in Belgium believes she has an idea on how to get negotiators to speed up their work on creating a new government. The country's newspaper, HLN, reported that Senator Marleen Temmerman has told fellow negotiators to abstain from sex until the country has a new government."


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Belgian Senator Calls For: "No Sex Till Government Is Formed"

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  • Well, it won't work if they've been married long...no change.

  • All strikes can be broken through the use of scab workers...
  • The Lysistratans, by (ummmm, brain gears grinding) Aristophanes. Written around 480BC?

    [Looks it up]

    Damn : "Lysistrata (Attic Greek: ÎÏ...ÏfÎÏfÏÏÎÏÎ, "Army-disbander") ; "Aristophanes." ; "411 BC,"

    Only one out of 3 - either my brain is getting fossilised, or Wikipedia is wrong.

    Sadly, I fear that it's my brain.

  • I am joining in on the sex strike, but not in solidarity with Belgium. I am striking for mass transit and alternative fuel implementation in the U.S. I want them to replace 80% of our current oil use. I would enjoy remaining on strike until my demands have been met, but really. Instead I am engaging in no sex until next week.
  • That will just result in them getting more argumentative and less likely to form a government. Instead, you must have sex with a different senator of another party each day until a government is formed. I predict either a government forming on day one or a unity government coming together after a month or so. I also predict a sudden surge in viewership for Belgian parliamentary broadcasts.

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