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+ - Android's Alarming Worldwide 2012 3Q Numbers-> 2

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "Gartner's released a report on Worldwide numbers of 2012 3Q phone sales and the staggering results posted from Android have caused people like IW's Eric Zeman to call for sanity. Keep in mind these are worldwide numbers which might be less surprising when you realize that the biggest growth market of them all is China who is more than 90% Android. It's time to face the facts and realize that Android now owns 73% of the worldwide smartphone market. While developers bicker over which platform is best for development and earnings, the people of the world may be making the choice based on just how inexpensive an Android smartphone can be. This same time last year, Gartner reported Android at 52.5% of market share and it now sits at 72.4% market share with over 122 million units sold worldwide. Only Q4 reports will tell if Android's momentum will finally begin to slow to save some chance of competition in the smartphone ecosystem or if the Quickening will be complete."
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Android's Alarming Worldwide 2012 3Q Numbers

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  • It seems to be only alarming if you are Apple, MS, Nokia, or Blackberry.
  • While certainly Google stands to gain the most from this, it's important to acknowledge that Android is an open system.
    You can get source code for it, and make changes, fork it if you want.
    If Google exert some kind of stranglehold, an Android clone foundation could be created to develop it independently from Google.
    So, the conclusion is right: "It seems to be only alarming if you are Apple, MS, Nokia, or Blackberry"
    And considering iOS, Windows 8 Mobile, Blackberry OS and Nokia Symbian are 100% closed source

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