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+ - Australian schools to teach Intelligent Design-> 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It appears that schools within the Australian state of Queensland are going to be required to teach Intelligent Design as part of their Ancient History studies. While it is gratifying to note that it isn't being taught in science classes (since it most certainly isn't a science), one wonders what role a modern controversy can possibly serve within a subject dedicated to a period of history which occured hundreds of years before Darwin proposed his groundbreaking theory?"
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Australian schools to teach Intelligent Design

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  • If you read the entirety of the article you’ll get a much better overview of the thing. The summary misses what is probably the most important point – Intelligent Design is being taught as part of the Historical Controversies section of the course. The entire point of that part of the syllabus is to encourage the development of investigative skills, critical thinking, and the ability to analyse historical narratives and cultural forces in action.

    Just a few lines into the posted article it not
    • That comment is a better (but less controversial) summary than the Courier-Mail managed. Maybe if News Corp has a few $ spare they could offer you a byline!

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