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Political Ads Reach P2P World 66

samuel4242 writes " Some of the Creative Commons folks wrapped a skin around the Internet Archive to create the P2P-Politics site filled with ads about this election. You've heard of this election, right? It's an interesting spin on the notion of P2P because the ads themselves are cached on the Internet Archives big servers, but email forwards links from P to P. Sort of like passing a pointer instead of the data structure. Some of the ads are thoughtful, some include stars, and some are a bit scary. For some reason, there seem to be very few from the Bush supporters and it's anyone's guess why."
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Political Ads Reach P2P World

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  • bias (Score:1, Flamebait)

    For some reason, there seem to be very few from the Bush supporters and it's anyone's guess why.

    well if there were this story likely wouldn't have been published on the /. homepage. i hate bush, but i hate bias as news more.

    • > > For some reason, there seem to be very few from the Bush supporters and it's anyone's guess why.

      > well if there were this story likely wouldn't have been published on the /. homepage. i hate bush, but i hate bias as news more.

      I agree on the bias part. What's worse, is that somebody out there modded it flamebait...
    • Most of them are from the "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest from moveon.org. The Bush campaign hasn't had a comperable contest.
    • "The facts are clearly biased against George Bush" - John Stewart

      And the Slashdot mods are clearly biased against fairness, I can say from ample experience.
      • Well, "ample" = biased; I have vastly more experience being mod'ed than mod'ing.
      • by antizeus (47491) on Thursday October 21, 2004 @06:51PM (#10593734)
        Actually it was Rob Corddry who said that (or rather, something close to that).

        Corddry: How does one report the facts in an unbiased way when the facts themselves are biased?

        Stewart: Im sorry, Rob, did you say the facts are biased?

        Corddry: Thats right Jon. From the names of our fallen soldiers to the gradual withdrawal of our allies to the growing insurgency, its become all too clear that facts in Iraq have an anti-Bush agenda.

        • Those guys are doing the best TV since the Original Not Ready for Primetime Players. Thanks for the reference; how well do you think
          "the facts are clearly biased against George Bush" - a la _The Daily Show_ maintains their implicit GPL ;)?

      • Those who support George W. Bush probably are not book readers. They cannot have seen these 3 movies and read these 35 books: Unprecedented Corruption: A guide to conflict of interest in the U.S. government [futurepower.org].

        Thinking about the presidential campaign has caused me to discover something I didn't know before. Most people have little idea of the activities of their government. Instead, they believe the sound bites.

        Government data compares Democrat and Republican economics. [hevanet.com]
        • TV and relative wealth lets us believe that politics is for "experts" who "know best" and have the "public trust". Since our country was founded on opposite principles of participation and distrust, the ease of that path is seductive, until it comes home to roost. By then, it's too late, as the media has moved to serve the powers that be: the government that controls their profits, and vice versa. That corporate/government mutual perpetuation was called "fascism" by its Italian founders, and it hasn't chang
  • You gotta love a site that doesn't appear to support Firefox.

    It said I lacked the proper plugin. I even installed the latest version of Quicktime and it still didn't work.
  • Hey, it's almost Halloween; don't leave out Bobby Pickett's Monster Slash [monsterslash.com], a rework of his 1962 Monster Mash that sings the praises of Bush's environmental policy. You'll need flash to see the movie. Enjoy!
  • by jamienk (62492) on Thursday October 21, 2004 @05:04PM (#10592832)

    I ripped these older Presidential debates from various websites. It was a pain to get them. Dowload the torrent here [torrentbox.com] or here [torrentreactor.net] or here [jdandrpm.com]

    • 1960: JFK vs Nixon first TV debate (4 debates, only 1st one in total)

    • 1976: Ford vs Carter (Johnson didn't debate Goldwater in '64, Humphrey didn't debate Nixon in '68, Nixon didn't debate McGovern in '72)

    • 1980: Carter vs Reagan

    • 1984: Reagan vs Mondale

    Low quality Real Video files ripped from streamings from the web.

    If you have other debates, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, Presidential and/or VP, or higher-quality of the above, PLEASE POST!

  • Hulk check out Puny Human P2P web site.
    Hulk notice no ads for Hulk.
    Hulk is running for President [komar.org]
    Hulk is getting angry - may SMASH Puny Human P2P site - GRRRRR!!!!!
  • This email/WWW wrapper is exactly what the email MIME header "Content-disposition:" is for. You send me a message, including "Content-disposition: " including some state arguments describing the object that the URL points to. When I read (not just receive) the message, my email reader gets the object at the URL, subject to my preferences, including "retrieve on receive". If your URL points to coral or some other web cache, or your proxy caches URLs for your entire organization, the URL persists, or your ema
    • Wouldn't that work a little too well for spam harvesting? like the current trick of embeding img's with unique ids in the url, only less known.
      • It could, if you automatically retrieved all URLs. But it's the same as HTML email: the default is "off", and senders are matched against your contacts list. The strength of C-d is *not* downloading the URL, unless confirmed by the reading user.
  • My guess is that the GOP would like them to be a transitory and additive experience. [onlypunjab.com]

    Why draw attention to your disinformation campaign?

  • Anyone who plays city of heroes go to Pinnicle server and Atlas city. There you will see "Vote Bush 2004" character actively advertising and has been for some time.

    Some of the players have taken offense by it, and created rebuttal characters but it appears that the advert is intentionally there.
  • There is also the iFilm website [ifilm.com] with several political homebrew short films

    Fellowship 9/11 (Runtime: 14:49)

    Michael Moore's searing examination of the Aragorn administration's actions in the wake of the tragic events at Helms Deep.

    With his characteristic humor and dogged commitment to uncovering - or if necessary fabricating - the facts, Moore considers the reign of the son of Arathorn and where it has led us.

    He looks at how - and why - Aragorn and his inner circle avoided pursuing the Saruman connec

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