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Help Choose Final Bush/Kerry/Nader Youth Voter Questions 89

Posted by Roblimo
from the how-hard-will-they-duck-the-hard-ones? dept.
Quite a few of the submitted questions were generated by Slashdot readers, and your moderations and comments helped select the 25 semi-finalists. There's only one step remaining in the process: Voting on the the final 12 questions that will be submitted to the candidates, which must be done on the New Voters Project Presidential Youth Debate site by noon Eastern Time on October 5. Note that Slashdot readers are the only members of the moderation panel providing "...nominations from an entire community." We'll post the answers from Bush, Kerry, and Nader (who was added after the process began) on October 12.
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Help Choose Final Bush/Kerry/Nader Youth Voter Questions

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  • by mbonig (727002) on Monday October 04, 2004 @09:59PM (#10435923) Homepage
    look at these questions:
    16. Nearly 100 American media resources today are owned by only 5 corporations. [newvotersproject.org]While the Senate's overruling of the Federal Communications Commission's controversial 3-to-2 decision to further deregulate media ownership rules in June of 2003 is a source of encouragement, most Americans want more variety in their sources of news and entertainment. What will you do to ensure that Americans have accurate sources of information to base their democratic decisions on?

    that is 100 times better of a question then the crap we saw the other night! I want to know how the candidate is going to fix things in MY country before worrying about someone elses!

    11. Why won't the candidates address the difference between civil marriage and religious marriage? [newvotersproject.org] Do they recognize the significance that this demarcation holds as a stand against discrimination? Do they realize how their unwillingness to address this issue impacts every aspect of GLBT's (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender), and their families', lives? Are they aware that when political issues call civil rights into question that hate crimes rise exponentially?

    I'm glad somebody is bringing up gay issues in the debate. This is important to Americans.

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